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[ENG-SUB] MBC 'Ruler: Master of the Mask' - Myungsoo

"L as Lee Sun is the commoner doppleganger to the crown prince who learns to read and become his substitute"


Special Missions by member/s for another member/s.

[TRANS/ ARTICLE] 170410 "Stargram" Season 2 Teaser Photo Shoot - Sungjong

"It is first time for me to appear on beauty program alone, so I'm nervous!"


Hoya as Jang Kangho, a newbie with perfect career specs but continues to fail at getting a job due to his passive personality.

[ENG-SUB] Super Family 2017 - Hoya

"From which star did you come from?" Lee Gwinam who has appearance similar to little prince.

[TRANS] 170110 'The monarch' Yoo Seungho, Kim Sohyun, #L, Yoon Sohee confirmed their casting, 1st Ep. to air in May

INFINITE L is cast as a low class, who will disguise as fake prince, challenging his first historical drama.

[NEWS] 170103 Sungyeol confirmed for the fantasy investigation drama 'Unsolved Case'

Lee Sungyeol and newbie Lee Yehyun have been cast in a new short drama.