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[TRAN/NEWSS] 171018 Infinite Lee sungyeol ‘I love you even if I hate you confirmed as main male lead

Sungyeol has landed his first male lead role in KBS 1TV’s daily drama ‘I love you even if I hate you’ as the character Hong Seokpyo.

[NEWS] 170831 "We are forever INFINITE"... Sungkyu's leadership to lead contract renewal.

Now, there is no more Hoya in INFINITE. But INFINITE is still INFINITE. We are looking forward to see their next step, which will show '7-1 is not just 6'. They will show us, '7-1=∞'.

[ENG-SUB] MBC 'Ruler: Master of the Mask' - Myungsoo

"L as Lee Sun is the commoner doppleganger to the crown prince who learns to read and become his substitute"


Special Missions by member/s for another member/s.

[TRANS/ ARTICLE] 170410 "Stargram" Season 2 Teaser Photo Shoot - Sungjong

"It is first time for me to appear on beauty program alone, so I'm nervous!"


Hoya as Jang Kangho, a newbie with perfect career specs but continues to fail at getting a job due to his passive personality.