• Full name Lee Sung Yeol
  • Position Vocalist
  • Birthday
  • Hometown Gyeonggi
  • Blood Type B

[NEWS] 170103 Sungyeol confirmed for the fantasy investigation drama 'Unsolved Case'

Lee Sungyeol and newbie Lee Yehyun have been cast in a new short drama.

[OFFICIAL PHOTOS] MNET : MCountdown Ep. 494

On September 29th, INFINITE got their first win for The Eye on M Countdown! Official photos provide some eye candy that we can all celebrate.

INFINITE, not a typical synchronized dance but more legendary, 'Typhoon/The Eye'

...INFINITE clearly know what people expect on them, and do not hesitate to put everything to achieve it. Probably, this is the reason that 'Funny INFINITE on entertainment programs' and 'Charisma INFINITE on the stage' both look so cool...

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