- You're schedule must be so full because of your drama filming and INFINITE activities at the same time. Not long ago, I heard that you went to ER because of Influenza/flu type B, I was surprised. Is your body condition okay?

SY: It's getting better. The thing I mistaken was it's not influenze/flu type B but it was type A. Woohyun also went to hospital because he sick, his was influenze/flu type B. So i thought i got it from him but the doctor said, "Sungyeol ssi's is influenza/flu type A". I heard it wrongly and said type B (*laugh*).

- You marching 1st place continuously at music shows. When will we can see Sungyeol's 1st place promise, 'Mini car, cosplay at entrance (mubank)'?

SY: Originally, I wanted to make it at Music Bank entrance, but I saw post saying that because of that, fans stayed up all night waiting for it. It's really cold at the dawn. So, now i'm still thinking how about we'll notice you the time and we can gather all together.

- Do you have any other idea for the 1st place promise?

SY: I don't! Because I talked like that, I almost got hit from the members (*laugh*). -How was members' reaction? SY: Everyone's expression was not good.

-Who was the member who didn't like it the most?

SY: It's Sunggyu ssi. And L ssi (*laugh*).

- This 3rd full album is the first album after reorganized as 6-members group. Looks like its meaning is different in many ways.

SY: However, we practiced a lot so that the empty space can't be felt. The stage can seems like empty, right. The title track also changed 3 times. The comeback time also pushed because we want to appear with better songs.

- Title track 'Tell Me''s sexy choreography and outfit is stealing lot of girls. Who do you think the member who matches well with this time's concept?

SY: It's Dongwoo ssi. His dance line is so pretty and he expresses the fell really well. Everytime i hear the song, Dongwoo's part is the most charming/cool.

- INFINITE has a lot of lyrics about obsession. Nowadays, the thing that you're most obsessed/addicted with is?

SY: Originally, it was drink(alcohol). Everyday I drank one bottle a day. It was to the extent that I can't sleep if I don't drink that. But now I think about my body and addicted to excercise/work out. It's already been 1 week since I quit it(drinking) (*laugh*).

- After a long time of living together in a dorm, now you guys live alone in each house. Don't you miss the time when you live together in a dorm back then?

SY: Actually I never think to get out of the dorm. But the dorm/apartment's contract has ended so I was kicked out. Firstly, I have no where to go so I lived together in boss/ceo's house. The ceo was speechless at me that he moved out (*laugh*). The ceo bought another house and moved out to it while I'm living in that (ceo's prev) house (*laugh*).

- Currently you're showing us your stable acting through daily drama 'Love Returns' even though it's your first project as lead role. Next time, what kind of role do you want to try?

SY: Right now, instead of thinking about next role, I want to go back to my own self. I feel like I hit too many walls while I was filming this drama. To advance 2 steps forward, retreating 1 step (*laugh*).

- What do you want to say to the other members?

SY: After being reorganized as 6-members-group, the relationship became better. We give consideration towards each other well. While I was filming drama, I received a lot of consideration from other members, now it's my turn to give.


Trans by: shxx of @InfiniteUpdates

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