7 membered boy group INFINITE has been disappeared. Due to the withdrawal of Hoya, INFINITE becomes 6 membered group, thereby we cannot see 7 boys together again.

Woollim entertainment released their official statement regarding Hoya's contract termination and the future of INFINITE. It was known that they have discussed about contract renewal for several months and all fans wished them to get together as they did before, it was a huge shock to the audience.

Of course, many have expected it might happen. There were some news reports that Hoya had not signed to the contract yet, and also there was same news on the day right before the official announcement. INFINITE with 7 members is now only left in our memories.

However, it is not the end of group INFINITE. Six members, including their leader Kim Sungkyu renewed their contract with woollim, and decided to keep INFINITE. Heralding that they will work on various promotions as a group and also as individuals, exposing that the heart of INFINITE is still burning. Although they are no longer 7 boys, they have a will to show different INFINITE as 6 members.

It has been known that INFINITE 6 members decided contract renewal early. They promised to work as INFINITE without any objection, and they thought it was a duty for fans who have supported them for 7 years. And the center who united them all was Kim Sungkyu. 'We are always INFINITE, and we should be INFINITE' He emphasized this every time, and he has been always proud of being INFINITE. Thanks to leadership of Sungkyu, INFINITE - who have never experienced disharmony - easily become one. Above all, each member has unchanged thoughts from their debut for now that they will stay as INFINITE.

Each member of INFINITE is talented enough to stand alone. Kim Sungkyu and Nam Woohyun have released solo albums, showing their abilities as an artist. Jang Dongwoo also distinguished himself in the musical field. Hoya and L have established their solid position as an actor, Lee Sungyeol and Lee Sungjong appeared on various entertainment programs with their sense.

Although they can choose to stand alone, members didn't forget that they are INFINITE. They judged that it is their destiny to stay as INFINITE for INSPIRIT. Thereby 6 members agreed in the contract early, and started to prepare for the next 7 years of INFINITE.

The withdrawal of Hoya must be sad news for everyone, but who respected his decision were also INFINITE 6 members. They might feel sad or resent at the decision, but they didn't - they said they want to respect the future Hoya wishes to walk on. It was possible because they have promoted true friendship during last 7 years. That's the reason they could have beautiful farewell, and cheer for each other with their sincere heart.

Now, there is no more Hoya in INFINITE. But INFINITE is still INFINITE. We are looking forward to see their next step, which will show '7-1 is not just 6'. They will show us, '7-1=∞'.