• Full name Lee Ho Won ( Member from 2010 to 2017 )
  • Position Lead Rapper Main Dancer Vocalist
  • Birthday
  • Hometown Busan
  • Blood Type AB

[NEWS] 170831 "We are forever INFINITE"... Sungkyu's leadership to lead contract renewal.

Now, there is no more Hoya in INFINITE. But INFINITE is still INFINITE. We are looking forward to see their next step, which will show '7-1 is not just 6'. They will show us, '7-1=∞'.


Hoya as Jang Kangho, a newbie with perfect career specs but continues to fail at getting a job due to his passive personality.

[ENG-SUB] Super Family 2017 - Hoya

"From which star did you come from?" Lee Gwinam who has appearance similar to little prince.

[OFFICIAL PHOTOS] MNET : MCountdown Ep. 494

On September 29th, INFINITE got their first win for The Eye on M Countdown! Official photos provide some eye candy that we can all celebrate.

INFINITE, not a typical synchronized dance but more legendary, 'Typhoon/The Eye'

...INFINITE clearly know what people expect on them, and do not hesitate to put everything to achieve it. Probably, this is the reason that 'Funny INFINITE on entertainment programs' and 'Charisma INFINITE on the stage' both look so cool...

MNET Hit the Stage - Hoya (Ep. 1-4)

Hoya dazzled us with his take on The Joker in MNET's new season of Hit The Stage. The first four episodes are available to view online.

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