In order to promote his first screen debut ‘hiya’ he is doing many interviews and focus news asked about his birthday. Through his interview about his birthday we felt his love for his fans and family.
Q: It’s your birthday, how do you feel?
A: “I am very proud to have live so healthily until now. From now on too, i wish to live a long life with good health.”
Q: What does your birthday mean to you?
A: “The day my parents gifted me with the world”
Q: How do you feel about getting old?
A: “It feels like I’m already full but someone is still feeding me. I want to stop eating”
Q: What do you hate to hear and what do you want to hear on your birthday?
A: There's nothing really i hate, but maybe when someone is saying something else that's not congratulating me. I want to hear from people for me to live a long and good life.
Q: What did your mom dream when she gave birth to you?
A:”There were two very shiny red crabs and they were climbing up a hill. She said it was shining very bright.”
Q: When was your most memorable birthday?
A: The birthdays after i debuted were all very memorable. Because so many fans congratulated me, Thank you again!
Q: What was something special that you got for your birthday?
A: I once received a dvd with a fan made music video of me when i was doing all my promotions. That was very memorable.
Q: You must have some presents that you want to receive in the future right?
A: I want to receive infinite love from the fans.
Q: If you got to take a break on your birthday what would you like to do?
A: I want to have a birthday party like fan meeting with the fans.
Q: If there was a star that you want to hear congratulations from who would it be?
A: President Obama
Q: What did you wish for on your birthday when your were small?
A: I wished to become a superstar.
Q: What would your birthday be like in 10 years?
A: I think i'll be celebrating it with fans! In a big venue i want to do a birthday concert!
Q: Is there anyone you feel thankful to on your birthday?
A: It’s my parents after all. I want to return them for raising me for the rest of my life!
Q: What do you want to say to yourself for your birthday?
A: Congrats kid!!! Be happy from now on! Do everything that you want to do, eat lots of delicious food. Take good care of your family and friends and Laugh a lot!
Source: Focus News - Reporter Kwak Mingu
Trans by: Pris of Infinite Updates