It is already known that INFINITE is the group with humor and wit. Their power of entertainment and the sense of humor always make people around them happy, and this can be applied to their interview. For example, when the interviewer jokingly asked them about their accessory that looks like handcuffs, "Is it protective gear to prevent injury?" they answered with straight face - "Ah, this is for wiping away the sweat".

However, it doesn't mean that INFINITE are frivolous or not serious. INFINITE clearly know what people expect on them, and do not hesitate to put everything to achieve it. Probably, this is the reason that 'Funny INFINITE on entertainment programs' and 'Charisma INFINITE on the stage' both look so cool. As mentioned before, the interview done on 22nd was a mixture of seriousness and lightness, jokes and their true hearts.


When we asked them their feeling of comeback after 1 yr and 2 months, they answered "It was 1yr and 2 months but it felt like 2yrs and 1 month passed since we did a comeback. It felt so long for us. Especially Dongwoo who loves to appear on music shows so he kept saying 'I want to comeback quickly'. We are going to do a promotion with the mind of enjoying it.". Dongwoo was nodding at this comments saying it is right.

When we asked him about the feeling of getting on the stage he wished for, Dongwoo answered "We did so many concerts and appeared on some festivals, but music shows have different meaning. It has a huge meaning of making the stage with fans. Music show is the place where we can get many feedbacks.". He got another question about the feedback he got, but other members reenacted the feedback he got - "Dongwoo-ya, you improved a lot!" "Dongwoo-ya, be quiet!" "Dongwoo-ya, please do some make-up!". Dongwoo revealed his thankful mind for fans for greeting their comeback. "For example, our 2x speed choreography of 'Be Mine' is already being counted as legendary. We did our best and the result is so good, so it makes us feel more pleased."


Dongwoo put the meaning on 'Being together with fans' but the new song 'Typhoon' is also meaningful for them as challenging new things. First of all, Jeon Gandhi who is famous for creative lyrics wrote the lyrics for 'Typhoon', and the choreo is extraordinarily difficult.

When they got question about how they felt when they got Jeon Gandhi's lyrics, Woohyun shouted gladly "Ah, Gandhi hyungnim!". For reference, Jeon Gandhi is actually female. When we told Woohyun that Jeon Gandhi is female, he corrected quietly "Gandhi noonim"

Hoya continued answering, "When we first faced her lyrics, it had 'Ghandi'", so interviewers laughed. (T/N: 'Ghandi' has similar pronunciation with 'Ganji' which means 'Cool' in slang.) However Hoya passed the turn of answering detailed feeling to Sungkyu, "Sungkyu hyung might have lots of things to talk." But Sungkyu was embarrassed of sudden situation so he just said "This is all wordplay."

Finally the one who cleaned up the question was Dongwoo. "The lyrics are talking about farewell after twist, twist and twist. It is lyrical, and the point is the rhythm in the cadence. It was unfamiliar because we haven't experienced this style, but after recording the song, it was nicely made as our own style."

Only then Sungkyu breathed a sigh of relief, saying "He expressed what is in my heart exactly.".


The biggest reason INFINITE called 'Typhoon' as legendary is the performance. The performance of 'Typhoon' has fast and high-level choreos in a row, showing the stage like 'Typhoon'. Hoya explained about their choreography. "The last dance break had the change of choreography. When the first draft of dance came out, it was also difficult but the tempo was same with the song. It was already fast but I suggested that we should make it more difficult. I thought we shouldn't be satisfied with the original beat. I claimed that we should go with absolutely a difficult one, with the feeling. So choreographer-hyung had to change our choreography about three times."

Hoya also emphasized that 'Typhoon' is the greatest ever. "When we had the final choreo, choreographer hyung asked us to change it again because it is too fast. But I said NO against his suggestion."

Sungyeol commented about it - "Honestly I wanted to do the easy one. Nowadays many teams make their point choreo easy so people can follow them. So I suggested about it but Hoya said no. He insisted that we are already one of the veterans so we have to show them with our whole power." Dongwoo also admitted that "We can't do 2x speed dance for this song. It is too fast".

However, there is another question left - the choreography of 'Typhoon' is difficult but it is distant from their trademark 'synchronized dance'.

Hoya said "It is not we failed to synchronize our dance. We are not synchronizing choreo intentionally. We used to make image of synchronized dance even though each member has different body type and their own feeling. It is not the time for us to conceal our own style anymore. Choreographer hyung also agreed that we can do with our own style, not adjusting as synchronized dance. Some might think that we lost our original resolution, but it's not."

Dongwoo added "We have different heights. Some should bend their body more, and some should bend less to synchronize our choreo, so we were not able to show our styles.". Hoya also said "Staying only with synchronized dance never help you improve your dance ability.". Woohyun was the one who gained his dance ability a lot. Woohyun showed his confident of dance, saying "My dance has been improved a lot after stopping synchronized dance. Please focus on me in concerts in the future."


For the last question about their resolution about 'Typhoon' promotion, Sungjong answered. Maybe it was because Sungjong is the youngest, or maybe he is one of serious character among INFINITE, but anyway hyungs never stopped teasing Sungjong while he was answering.

Sungjong revealed his resolution - "I used to think the same, but nowadays I strongly think that I should do my best like this is my last stage." - but Hoya tackled "We still have our next album...". Sungjong tried to escape from there by saying "I didn't mean that. It just mean that we should do all we can. I will do my best with the resolution that I can do all even I broke my bones.". But Woohyun teased him "Ayy, but you are not allowed to get injured.".

Eventually, Dongwoo had to clean up the question again. "To add some words, our ambition about this promotion is 'Let's be INFINITE. Don't be timid, don't be dazzled. Do the things with our best and affirmative hwaiting.'" Dongwoo requested us to look forward to their promotion with legendary performance.