Infinite Hoya, the stories of him and his father’s relationship getting more distant after he quit school...  Will be revelled in KBS Docu.
Idol group Infinite Hoya and Popping Hyunjoonie will be featured in the family month special documentary  ‘My Father’ showing the times spent with their fathers.
▶The distance between Hoya and his dad.
After quitting highschool, their relationship became bad and distant, this documentary will show he’s difficulties trying to recover their relationship. Hoya revisits Changwon where he spent his school days and Incheon where his parents now live. The will talk about his memories of recovering their relationship step by step.
▶Infinite Hoya “Conversation was needed”
The quietness of the father and son having breakfast together shows their detached relationship. Every time they are together they did not have any conversation. Hoya confesses about the conflicts between him and his father because of his choice to become a singer. He revisited the places he use to sneak to in Changwon without his dad knowing and explains his reasons for quitting school and openly talks about his feelings and experiences.  As they spend time together, His father also tells his true feelings and shows his handwork to improve their relationship.

▶Father my father
In ‘My father’ Hoya will be sharing his thoughts deep from his heart and will be going back in time with his father to heal their wounded relationship by sharing their feelings with each other and us viewers.
source: MyDaily - Lee Seunggil
trans by : Pris of Infinite Updates