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[ENG-SUB] I want to protect you "One More TIme" (COMPLETE)

Watch Myungsoo's first leading role in a drama.

[PICS] 161024 INFINITE on SNL Behind Story

Behind the scene photos of SNL8 recording.

[TRANS/NEWS] 161023 'SNL8' recording their best viewer ratings in this season with INFINITE

Group INFINITE made fun of themselves and it was worth to do that. tvN 'SNL Korea season 8' broke their record of best ratings in three consecutive weeks, continuing their hot trend.

[TRANS / NEWS] 161023 INFINITE Sungjong 'Consecutive Homerun' the birth of new entertainment-idol (SNL8)

Sungjong made it again. All members of INFINITE succeed to give laughs, but there was no person who can beat Sungjong.

[OFFICIAL PHOTOS] MNET : MCountdown Ep. 494

On September 29th, INFINITE got their first win for The Eye on M Countdown! Official photos provide some eye candy that we can all celebrate.

INFINITE, not a typical synchronized dance but more legendary, 'Typhoon/The Eye'

...INFINITE clearly know what people expect on them, and do not hesitate to put everything to achieve it. Probably, this is the reason that 'Funny INFINITE on entertainment programs' and 'Charisma INFINITE on the stage' both look so cool...

"INFINITE ONLY" Infinite's 6th Mini Album

INFINITE released their 6th mini-album on September 19th. Read more for a translation of the lyrics on the album.