Date: March 27th Monday.

Location: Studio nearby Hongdae

Cast: Son Dambi, Jang Doyeon, Jung Yoongi, Sungjong  

Poster and Teaser shooting of 'Stargram' has been done on 27th monday. Sungjong showed off his sense of fashion with pink suit. His second outfit were navy colored shirts, black wide pants and glasses, emphasizing intellectual image. His dandy bot image was totally different from his charismatic image on the stage.

During poster shooting, new member attracted the eyes the most. Sungjong was already known to be talented at entertainment program, but his image was different from what we expected. When camera was not shooting him, he was earnest and quiet. He was polite to every single staff, and also didn't forget to smile during whole schedule.

Moreover his communication ability was outstanding. It was his first beauty program shooting so he had to care about his clothing and pose a lot. But his talent made the atmosphere excited.

"It is first time for me to appear on beauty program alone, so I'm nervous!" he said, but we couldn't believe it. Sungjong kept communicating with staff while shooting his personal cut. "Does this pose look fine?" "Pose brighter than now?" He was asking about the comments of staff, and tried to accommodate their advises to shoot the best cut.

After personal shooting, 4 MC had a group shooting. While the cameras were being settled, 4 MC spent amicable time with jokes.

Sungjong : Hello. I'm Sungjong, new member for this season. I'm just a newborn baby to beauty program, so please give me advises a lot.

Jung: Sungjong-ssi. It's good to see you. Let's make this program well together.

Sungjong: Ah! Yoongi seonbaenim, did you know my name? 

Dambi: Of course. You are so popular.. 

Sungjong: Is it... because of lemon candy?!

Doyeon: Of course. There is no one who haven't watched it.


source: SBSfunE