On May 10, INFINITE’s L held a V Live broadcast titled “Kim Myung Soo X Ruler: Master of the Mask,” where he explained how he and fellow “Ruler: Master of the Mask” cast member Yoo Seung Ho grew even closer together.

“What Seung Ho and I have in common is that we both have cats, so we always share cat food or snacks with each other. We were close from the beginning, but it’s also true that our cats made us even closer. It’s that time of the year when cats shed, and we recently shared stories about that with each other,” L revealed.


As revealed previously by Kim So Hyun, the cast members promised to wear their costumes and hold a fan signing event if they gathered over 20 percent ratings. In addition to this promise, L took the chance to explain what he would do if the drama got over 25 percent viewer ratings. He said, “I will also make a personal promise. If we get over 25 percent ratings, I will dance while wearing king’s clothing and a mask.”

What an adorable friendship!