Another 3 years was needed. In 2012, through ‘Another me’, he chose a different path from Infinite and began to draw his own story of music from early on. In 2015 through ‘27’ once again Kim Sunggyu’s firm musical spectrum was completed and praise for him as Kim Sunggyu, not Infinite, began. ‘Another me’ was a musical challenge, and the 27 year old youth’s voice that was shouting at the peak of youth, had now become Kim Sunggyu’s complete everything and was born as 10 well ade stories.

This album, which seems like a conversation one would have with Sunggyu, expresses a generation’s love, separation, longing (for), sadness, despair and regret, escaping from the heavy position as an idol group’s leader. In some ways, through Kim Sunggyu’s appealing vocals, all stories starting from ‘the current me’ have been unravelled.

Kim Jongwan from the band NELL and Sunggyu’s musical consensus leap over time and the work begins in the parallel. Through this, the collaboration of top class musicians is full of unconventional attempts. The 8 month long musical work under the lead of the band NELL’s producer Kim Jongwan, was completed as 10 tracks with the cooperation of JUUNO from Casker, Tablo from Epik High, SPACEBOY ho was the composer for DEF JAM and Zooey.

There is more than enough reason to only listen to Kim Sunggyu’s voice during the run time of 2,607 seconds.