Woo Hyun


-How do you feel as this is the 5th time interview with <The Star>.

WH: This is the first time I tried a new makeup after 9 years, it’s something new to me in a long time. The photos came out really good so I’m satisfied with it.

-This 3rd full album is the first album after reorganized as 6-members group. Looks like its meaning is different in many ways.

WH: It is similar every time when we produce an album. Our concern will always be what are we going to do in order to show that we have grown up as compared to before. Also work hard to keep ourselves calm.

-Infinite is rich of nicknames. Which is your favourite nickname given by fans? (by dusd91891)

WH: I think “Obsessed-dol” is also not bad. The nicknames I like are “Nam-dajung (Nam-warmhearted/affectionate” or “Heart-Prince”? (If there are new heart poses that you have invented) There’s no more. I think I have tried everything (using every part) except with my toes (laugh).

-Since you have nothing you don’t know about fans, there’s this nickname called “search king”. What Woo Hyun searches the most recently?

WH: Nowadays I hardly search. I mainly look at good/nice words, online shopping or play game. If keep searching for that kind of things, I feel that I’ll be trapped inside myself. I should keep myself calm but I feel that I can’t, so I’ll not see them.

-You always have extraordinary sense in your personal fashion. It seems like you have a lot of interest in fashion. What style are you into nowadays?

WH: During debut era, I purposely wore clothes that stand out. I aimed to raise the expectation towards my airport fashion (laugh). Nowadays I don’t really bother, I just try to dress up neatly. I like to wear clothes that are comfortable like training clothes/tracksuits.

-If I were born again, I'll be INFINITE. Yes or No? (by parksy_417)

WH: No (laugh)? In case all of them answered “yes”. I’ve lived as Infinite once, if I were born again, I want to try to live a normal life.

-If you have anything to say to the members?

WH: I’ll treat you all well in the rest of my life. (But) if we reborn, let’s not meet each other again (laugh)


Trans by: Baekhee of Infinite Updates

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