- After a really long time, you met again with <The Star>.

SK: I'm really glad that we can greet you after a long time. Even though it's late, Happy New Year!

- You marching 1st place continuously at music shows. Congrats for the 5 consecutive wins!

SK: Thank you. However, because it's an album that released after a long time, I was really worried. I felt a lot of pressure too. Thanks a lot to the fans who have been waiting and to like it(the album). I don't know how should i pay for it.

- This 3rd full album <Top Seed> is the first album after reorganized as 6-members group. Looks like its meaning is different in many ways.

SK: We worked hard as we prepare it with the heart of beginning again. The members spared out times and practiced at the dawn even though they are busy. We put a lot of our worries to this album.

- INFINITE has a lot of lyrics about obsession. Nowadays, the thing that you're most obsessed/addicted with is?

SK: Originally, i'm not that kind of person who is obsessed/addicted to a thing, but nowadays i'm addicted with 'sleep'. No matter how busy i am, i have to sleep more than 6 hours a day. While preparing this album, I also performing for musical so i have no time to sleep. So, there is like obsession. When I can't sleep too, I eat medicine. It's indeed hard to eat and live (*laugh*). -

To INFINITE, fanclub 'INSPIRIT' is? (by sealove1214)

SK: They're the one who like our music and give love to INFINITE. If there is no one who wait for us, INFINITE won't be exist.

- INFINITE is already a group on 9th year debut. To come as this far, i think Leader Sunggyu's role to not shake and hold the center is big.

SK: Truthfully, I never think even once that I did leader's role really well. Rather, there are many times that i feel skepticism. I never did something even once as a leader. I also feel sorry. It would be good if I'm not the leader. Starting tomorrow, Dongwoo will be the leader (*laugh*).

- This year you're going to be 30. How was your twenties?

SK: There are a lot of things. It was really gorgeous and also a bit lonely. Nowadays, I think a lot about 'Am I living my life well'. Is it too profound (*laugh*). 'Did my choices were right? Did I hurt others?' I think about these things. But however, it is irreversible (*laugh*).

- What goal do you want to reach in your 30s?

SK: To live happily. Everyone of course want that as well but I want to live while enjoying for myself. I don't want to doubt related to things I enjoy and I want to be more generous to myself. If today I take some rest, I can just work harder tomorrow.

- Lastly, what do you want to say to other members?

SK: Guys/kids, I hope you can enjoy your 20s more even though it's hard/tiring.


Trans by: shxx of @InfiniteUpdates

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