Lee Howon, who is actor and also member of INFINITE, talked about INFINITE's reaction. In the earlier press conference, Lee Howon said "INFINITE members are coming to VIP Premier, I am curious about their reaction more that any other audience. I hope they think it is good."
In the interview with TVdaily on 17th, Lee Howon reminisced that 'Dongwoo hyung cried a lot so his eyes were puffy. He told me that he watched my movie well. It felt great."
And he thanked Woohyun, saying "Woohyun hyung usually doesn't express what is in his mind, but he sent me a long message. He talked about how the movie felt like, how much my acting improved, and which acting in which scene was great. It was touching."
Howon added "Sungjong-ie only sent message in two line, "Hyung, I watched well. You did well." pretentiously. Myungsoo didn't send me a message and Sungkyu and Sungyeol didn't even come to the premier." and laughed.
Source: TVdaily
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