Lee Howon, who is actor and also member of INFINITE, talked about INFINITE's acting. Now INFINITE members are showing new aspects to fans with their acting, L is casted as leading role in the drama 'The Blue in my heart' and Woohyun is challenging first movie with 'Mongdang Branch School Olympic'.
Lee Howon talked about this in interview with tvdaily on 17th, saying "I challenged the movie for the first among members, but I was the last one who started acting. Myungsoo is keep showing his acting without rest, and Woohyun hyung also started shooting few days ago."
Lee Howon said "Since we haven't acted for a long time, our own characters are sometimes exposedin our acting. But we could show different characters, individuality and strength by acting, so I like it."
For the end, he added "When it comes to acting, it is hard to compare strengths and weaknesses, like who is better. We haven't gotten acting training like other idols who learned acting since their trainee days, but I think it looks good that we are all doing our best in acting. We cheer for each other, congarts for new drama or movie, and also visit other's shooting spot.
Source: TVdaily
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