Hoya talked about 'Hiya' VIP premiere on 15th, and especially highlighted about INFINITE members's reaction. As expected, he bounced off of every audiences, but he was especially worried about members' reaction.
"At that time, Sungyeol and Sungkyu hyung had personal circumstances. So they couldn't come and only other members came to the premiere and I was really nervous. But when movie was ended, Dongwoo hyung's eyes were puffy like this much. He said he cried a lot. It was great for me that even our members showed reaction like that."
Hoya bragged about members' love he got, saying that "Actually if you are so close with the actor, you must feel awkward about the acting. It was amazing and great that they are the one who know who I am the best, but they cried after watching my acting. You know, if we are so close, we are poor at expressing. Usually our members didn't complimented each other even they did something well. But Woohyun hyung sent me a long kkt, and gave me a power. It was touching"
Source: OSEN
Trans by Hyon of infiniteupdates.net