The last tutorial in this series on using the MelOn app. Purchasing Melon passes is available only for apple users. If you're an android user ask help from your friends with apple account. You can just simply login your melon account on your friend's melon app and purchase the pass from there.

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Up to date: 07 Jan 2018

Open the MELON app. On top left page click “이용권”.


Choose “i-MP3 30 플러스 티켓 30일”. It’s better to choose this one because the cheapest one gives you just one free download of song but that doesn’t count on digital score. 


Once done you can search for “인피니트”. Just tap the “검색” or search icon then type “인피니트”. 

To check if you have successfully purchased the Melon Pass try playing one song. If it plays the entire song then it is a success. 


Check if you're streaming correctly:

Click note icon at the bottom of the player and the recently played songs should open up. The word MP3 would appear beside the title if you’re playing the MP3 you downloaded. Playing that doesn’t count to digital score.


Loop songs on Melon

Clear recently played songs then go back to the album and play all the songs.

One full song counts once only per hour no matter how many times u play it. So just play all the songs in the album~



Keep streaming!