Streaming from MelOn counts toward INFINITE's k-pop chart ranking. This is first of a series of tutorials, showing you how to stream.

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Up to date: 28 Feb 2018

Create a Kakao Account ---- HERE

The instructions are in English so it shouldn't be difficult :)


Once you have a Kakao Account. Log in using it.

Melon Link --- HERE


Tick the top most radio button then click the green button at the bottom.


Click the green button to continue.


@infiniteck1 is gathering Melon IDs they can use to stream Sungkyu's song. If you're uncomfortable sharing your Kakao ID please follow the next steps in creating Melon ID.


(Please check the picture)


Create a unique ID for log-in and set password. Using the ID you created you can log in to your Melon account without going through Kakao  Log in.