Let's say SM is blue and Woollim is Yellow. WL = Woollim
WL: I want to be blue too but If I'm blue I become the same as you
SM: Really? Do you want me to give you some blue?
WL: I'd be really thankful then
SM: Here then I'll give you some
WL: Oh now I'm green! (Mix of blue+Yellow)
- Woollim doesn't become SM's colour, it is a merger but they are not taken over by SM, they are just being helped out financially.
Just like how Woollim is Yellow, SM is Blue and Woollim label becomes green.
SM is just helping financially and not taking the role of CEO so Woollim label's CEO is still the CEO of Woollim ent.
SM: You are you, I am me. I still like you though so I'll invest in you.
WL: Thanks
Regarding profits, SM is only taking SOME of Woollim labels profits, so its SM1:311 for everything that Woolim ent earns. So if let's say Woollim earns $312 then SM gets $1 and $1 ONLY.
SM: You are you, I am me. You earn your own money but you take 311 parts and I get 1. That's more than enough.
source: INSTIZ
translated by: YEJI for INFINITEUPDATES