[OSEN=Kwon Ji Young] INFINITE Woo-hyun who is part of the group Toheart talked about the story of making an anti-fan into a fan and is getting attention.

During the shooting of the cable channel Mnet ‘Beatles Code 3D’ that took place recently, Woo-hyun received the question from the host that says “I heard that an anti-fan became a fan with just few words that Woo-hyun spoke”.
 To this, Woo-hyun said “An anti-fan got really serious and slightly gave insults to me. Since I can’t be also serious, I just made a joke saying said ‘Honey you are back? Did you eat?’ and signed an autograph.
 To this, the host Shindong was surprised saying “If I were you, I would call the manager” and Woo-hyun said “I hope to make good memories with the fans. Popularity is something that does not last forever” and replied in a mature way and it is heard that it created a voice of admiration from everyone.
 Also on the show this day, including Key from SHINee, who is part of Toheart with Woo-hyun, 4minute will appear and show witty talks. Woo-hyun and Key are going to share completely different ideal types of women and perspectives about dating. 4minute Hyun-a is going to share her honest thoughts about the dating rumor with Jang Hyun Seung, whom she worked together with as part of Trouble Maker.
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Credit OSEN | Source: Star Naver
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