'SNL8' recording their best viewer ratings in this season, it was worth for INFINITE to let everything down.

Group INFINITE made fun of themselves and it was worth to do that. tvN 'SNL Korea season 8' broke their record of best ratings in three consecutive weeks, continuing their hot trend.

'SNL Korea season8' aired last 22nd of October and got steady interest from the viewers with high ratings. The episode with INFINITE recorded 2.5% ratings as average of whole household including cable, satellite and IPTV. And the highest ratings during episode recorded 3.3%, breaking the record of the last episode. Among Age 20~40 which is the main target viewers of tvN, the ratings recorded average 1.8%, the highest 2.3%(NielsenKorea), winning the first rank in the whole program aired at the same time.

The best minute with 3.3% ratings was the dance battle between Sungjong and Kwon Hyuksoo. In the parody of Mnet 'Hit the Stage' Hoya appeared, INFINITE members and SNL crew did the unforeseebale dance matches. Under the title 'Girlish', Sungjong appeared with long hair and short skirt and performed 'Cheer up' of Twice, recording the best ratings in the day.

In the episode which aired on the 22nd, INFINITE presented a big laugh with their shocking make-overs, breaking the stereotype of idols. INFINITE made a legendary episode with their novel charms which they only can show in the SNL.