Sungjong made it again. All members of INFINITE succeeded to give laughs, but there was no person who can beat Sungjong.

On tvN 'SNL Korea8' which aired on the 22nd of October. INFINITE appeared as main hosts. Among seven members, the maknae Sungjong caught the people's eyes. Sungjong succeeded to do his best in 'Knowing Bros' earlier. And this day was also his day. Sungjong gave a big laugh by daring to make fun of himself.

Sungjong firstly appeared in the corner which has Dance battle program 'Hit the Stage' as a motif. Under the concept 'Girlish', Sungjong perfectly performed 'Cheer Up' of Twice with long hair wig, sleeveless shirts and short skirt. But his armpit hair caught the eyes of people. The judges including Lee Seyoung, Kim Minkyo, Jung Sungho criticized his stage because of his armpit hair. Sungjong was still confident, saying "If the title is girlish, it only needs feel and sensitivity, does it?". But he was defeated by Cardcaptor Cherry(Sakura) Kwon Hyuksoo who shaved his armpit hair.

Next, Sungjong appeared in '3 minutes Oppa'. Six members except Sungjong acted as 'Oppa' characters. Sungjong appeared at the moment when Lee Seyoung was about to throw the oppa package away after she became sick and tired of oppas. He parodied his past video clips saying "When you have too many thoughts, eat lemon candy!. He added lemon series and aegyo "Gguu?".

The best was the 'Dubbing theater'. In 'Dubbing theater', Sungjong perfectly parodied Song Hyekyo and Wonbin from 'Autumn in my heart'. Sungjong used to be said as someone who resemble Song Hyekyo. Sungjong succeeded to disguise as Song Hyekyo only with long hair wig, giving a bit of laugh with perfect acting.

This is consecutive Homerun of him. Sungjong played a key role in the 'Knowing Bros' INFINITE episode with his unique character. He also succeeded to give a big laugh including perfect disguises. INFINITE hyungs changed themselves with funny characters, but who attracted attention the most was Sungjong. This is surely the birth of new entertainment-dol.