Hello the viewers of This is Infinite! And Hello to Naver Starcast readers, I am L,Kim Myungsoo of Infinite!

This week I will bring to Starcast an extract of behind the scenes and highlight videos.
But this pose of mine for greetings is too innocent?
This episode of This is Infinite is shot in a primary school.
When I was young, I climbed up the chin-up bars really fast.
In the past,even those high looking chin-up bars can be reached easily by me now.
The members are reminiscing about the past white shooting this episode of Elite High.

All the members climbed up the chin-up bars and made such poses for me to take photos.

Arhh how did the members climb up this?me too me too!
So before the shooting of This is Infinite,we were relieving our past memories and played around without much thoughts.
So I shall for once reveal the highlight videos of This is Infinite?
[Highlight 1] Search for Woohyun's commonly used phrases
Do you know me quiz! For me, I often listen to Sung-kyu’s ‘41 Days’ these days. ‘We are connected~’ with what? With This is INFINITE~ Oh, it is sad that I did not get to see our Hoya crying! How would he have cried? I will follow him when he watch a movie, take a look at it slightly and reveal it next time! Because it is This is INFINITE that reveals every little secret~
[Highlight 2]-Knowledge is strength!
Let's do an English listening test~ The listening test set by Dongwoo is so difficult that only experts can solve it! Do you all know what the test is talking about? Similar to what you see,the members are suffering from a mental breakdown? But no words are needed? Our Dongwoo can talk using his eyes. How? See below.

In the future when we see Dongwoo hyung, we shall fire stares~
Even though everyone knows! The behind the scenes videos are more interesting! In this time's behind the scenes, you can see the sides of members which are not shown during broadcast.
The ranting of Sunggyu as the pioneer of the school left such a deep impression of us~If you are curious just watch the video!
So!I will show the hidden 2 fools of the show. The first is!! is!! me! Myungsoo~~

Hyu,in front of sunggyu hyung who gave me punishments I am so tired that I just sat down on the floor, wait a while for me to regain strength!

And that bread~ after eating it my energy is starting to flow out.

And to that extent,sharing the suffering given by Sunggyu hyung is ho baby and mathematics procedures fanatic,sungyeol.
Of course,a bread was given to Sunggyu as a present.Ass-kissing.Ass-kissing. And I shall reveal without fear the 2nd idiot.

You thought that we were reading an adult magazine?! heu heu
Even though you cannot feel it from watching TV, all the members suit the uniform look well.
And we all had a fun time shooting while wearing uniforms after not wearing uniforms for a long period of time. So next week, we will continue the shooting of Elite high episodes.
Next week we will reveal the talkative Woohyun's common phrases.

And do everyone know? Next week I will change to become Peter L! If you are curious stay tuned to next week's episode.

And here are the greetings from our Hyung and Shinee's Key. Let us introduce this duet.
Yesterday Toheart had a cool debut on a music show. Today there is also a public TV broadcast of Toheart~ Please take good care of them~
So,let us meet again next week~This is Infinite fighting~
PS.we had lots of fun during school break time~

Written by:Infinite's L
Photos by:Woolim Entertainment/Mnet
Translation by: @princeshim127 for InfiniteUpdates