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Idols were known by their names from being singers.They made their names known by their breathing and greetings on the stage.(meaning they work hard on stage) However the moment they begun to made their names more widely known,their personal value also increases .We can look foward to these multi-players to be more active in the future.
Infinite L-Stage-Variety-Acting,takes in everything readily

Group Infinite's member L (Original name:Kim Myung Soo) is going through reality programs and acting simultaneously. In 'This is Infinite', L in place of words, he used his stares and superior looks to exert his influence on the rest of the members.On the other hand in 'Cunning Single Lady', he acted as a role driver which is lively.
In the middle of this, he decorated the stage with his powerfulness. In the recent encore  of the world tour of Infinite, it is revealed that he will make a comeback together with his Infinite members on April. He is also in the midst of preparing for a unit comeback.(Infinite F)
Written by:TV Report Kim Yena reporter
Photos by:Their personal stillcuts,TV Report DB
Translation by: Jewel for @InfiniteUpdates