As the commemoration for the release of INFINITE’s new single 『24Hours』, the special program will be on aired through 24hours *from 18:00 (Apr 29)~18:00(Apr 30)
▼Each member will be appear live from Korea!!
▼INFINITE time signal every 1 hour & INFINITE quiz randomly throughout the broadcasting!
The person who gives the correct answer will have a chance to win their unsold poster.
▼At the finale, all members will appear and look back their 24hours & talk about their new single 『24Hours』.
▼Send us msg to INFINITE!
Pls send us Qs & msg to INFINITE!
2 ways to send Qs & msg below
(1) Tweet wz the hashtag #INFINITE24時間
(2) Send via the mail form of this program
※At the end of each member’s & the program, only premium members can watch the additional segment! To be the premium members, you need to register. (540yen/month)
Niconico vid:
Inspirit JAPAN:
Credit: Trans by @MineMyngsL of @INFINITEUPDATES
Please take out with proper credit, Thank you! :D