The episodes from the fan signing event

Episode 1

Fan: Oppa you have something on your chin
Sunggyu: What is it
Fan: Sexiness
Sunggyu: (Straight Face) Does that work in your neighbourhood? Because it doesn't in mine

Episode 2

Fan: Oppa I go to Sadae High school
Oppa: Really? It's shit right? (P.S: Sunggyu went to Sadae High School)

Episode 3

Fan: Winks at Sunggyu ^.~
Sunggyu: Makes a straight face -.-

Episode 4

Fan: What do you think of a girl like me as your girlfriend?
Sunggyu: (Looks at her face slightly) What's your name?
Fan & Sunggyu: ...

Episode 5

Fan: Sunggyu Oppa can I have one strand of your hair
Sunggyu: No
Fan: Why?
Sunggyu: It's my body
Fan: Don't be like that...
Sunggyu: I told you it's mine!?
Fan: Ah~ Oppa...!
Sunggyu: It's my body!!

Episode 6

In the mind of looking pretty to Sunggyu, a fan wore a short skirt to the fan sign event
Fan: Is your ideal type a girl who is white
Sunggyu: No, someone who wears long skirts
Fan: What is that?
Sunggyu: (Who was a member of the student council, made a straight face) Your skirt is short
Fan: I did shorten it a bit but it's because I've grown taller and gained some weight
Sunggyu: Don't wear your skirt too short. Do you know what type of world it is
Fan: Oppa hold my hand
Sunggyu: I'll only hold your hand if you make your skirt longer
Fan: Next time I come, my skirt will come down to my ankle
Sunggyu: Goodbye and when you go down the stairs be careful or don't be

Episode 7

Fan: (During the fan sign event, Sunggyu kept looking) Why do you keep staring at me? Am I pretty?
Sunggyu: Well, you'll know better than me. You do know better than me right?

Episode 8

At the fan signing event, a fan gave Sunggyu a Hello Kitty ring
Sunggyu: It's pretty, I like it
Until the end of the event sunggyu had the ring on and sometimes wears it around on other occasions

Episode 9

Fan: Oppa, when I get older I'm going to marry you
Sunggyu: You're not the only one when who decides on this

Episode 10

Hearing a friend going to the fan sign, a fan gave her a letter to give to Sunggyu
The information in the letter
Fan: Sunggyuah~ Can I call you Oppa? hehe
Sunggyu: X
(Thought it was a pumpkin kekek)

Episode 11

As a fan's name was Jiyoung she asked sunggyu to write __ __ Jyung and told him to write anything in the blanks __ __. Afterwards when the fan checked it he wrote SaraJyung (which means disappear in korean)

Episode 12

Fan: What do you think the most pretty thing is?
Sunggyu: What is it
Fan: My face
Woohyun: (laughs) kekekekekkekekeke
Woohyun: Then what's the most ugliest thing?
Fan: What is it
Woohyun: (Pointing at sunggyu) he's face

Episode 13

In the fan signing event at Busan, his fans kept saying that they did double eye lid plastic surgery
Sunggyu: Is busan the city of double eye lid plastic surgery?
As soon as the next fan came to him, Sunggyu asked "Are you going to do the double eye lid plastic surgery?"

Episode 14

Fan: Oppa! The other fans kept saying that I look like you when I smile
Sunggyu: (Holding hands and smiling gently) Really?... Be Brave... Don't be embarrassed and don't lose your self-esteem.
When the fan left he screamed Fighting!

Episode 15

A fan came with a wedding dress on
Sunggyu burst into laughters that he was on the floor and after a few seconds he got up and the first thing he said was
Sunggyu: Did you borrow it?... Does your family know you're doing this
At the end the fan threw the bouquet and sunggyu caught it while laughing and he gave it to his manager

Episode 16

Fan with small eyes: Oppa, My eyes are smaller than yours! So don't worry!
Woohyun who was next to him burst into laughter and Sunggyu was laughing too
Sunggyu: My eyes are way bigger than yours
And he just laughed

Episode 17

During the fan sign event, while Sunggyu was signing a fan kept asking sunggyu to hold her hand and Sunggyu said in a very up-ish manner voice
Sunggyu: Oppa is signing right now!! Stop begging!
After signing Sunggyu smiled and held her hand

Episode 18

At the Busan fansigning event
Fan: (Gave sunggyu a bubble machine)
Sunggyu: What is this? Does water come out of it?

Fan: No bubbles come out
Sunggyu: Thank you, but my age is 24.....

Episode 19
At the fan signing event, a student came up
Sunggyu: You have to do well in your studies like me
Fan: Are you good at studying?
Sunggyu: Better than you
Episode 20
A high school fan came during her test
Fan: Because of oppa I couldn't study at all, Don't think I'll do well in the test
Sunggyu: Are you good at studying?
Fan: No...
Sunggyu: Then you won't do well

trans by: Esther of Infinite Updates