Infinite will hold new album showcase,3 days in 3 countries,largest scale showcase ever.

5/20 held in Taiwan 5/18 Taiwan Version of Romeo Special preorder gives you tickets for entrance

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In order to commemorate Korea popular boyband Infinite「SEASON 2] album release,besides 12th may midnight release of concept photos of Infinite Season 2,on the 13th may midnight the official website was updated with a poster,informing that there will be a 3 day Asia showcase tour for Taiwan,Japan and Korea!Ever since Infinite visited Taiwan last year with a concert,Taiwan was specially included as a mid-station for Infinite new songs showcase,which surprised Taiwan fan. Universal Taiwan music will also hold Taiwan version of Last Romeo album preorder session on 10am onwards at Xi Men Ding Hospital parade square.Fans who succeeded in preordering the album will get tickets to attend the showcase held on the 20th at Nan Kang 101 building in Taipei district.

Ever since last year's「One Great Step」in Taiwan a Kpop wave was happening there,this year through「SEASON 2」Infinite will meet international fans. On the 19th Japan、20th Taiwan、21st album release in Korea is Asia's largest scale new song showcase up till now. The showcase name is「1.2.3」,which represents a chance not to miss、2nd full album Last Romeo、3 days Asia tour 3 countries new song showcase. Entertainment company Woolim said ever since『Destiny』album it has been 10 months,and it has been 3 years since the last release of a full album. And it hopes to repay fans for their long periods of waiting through this album showcase,and they hope that this showcase will bring the distance between Infinite and the fans closer.

Fans reactions have been very active thanks to the long period since their previous full album and since the album Destiny.Whenever Infinite new album details are out,it becomes the hottest search words on search engines and it invoked a lot of discussions on Kpop forums.INFINITE past activities are referred to as「SEASON 1」,future activities are named「SEASON 2,which means they will show new sides on them.

For fans who preorder the Taiwan version of Last Romeo,using the preorder bill they can exchange for Infinite showcase tickets held on the 20th May 2014 at Namkang 101 Building for free,「SEASON 2」Taiwan edition album can only be bought while stocks last. For more details visit Universal Music facebook page (

INFINITE 「SEASON 2」method of preorder

For fans who preorder the Taiwan version of Last Romeo,using the preorder bill they can exchange for 1 free Infinite showcase ticket held on the 20th May 2014 at Namkang 101 Building. The exchange must be made at the location itself and they must enter the venue punctually during the day,if not the fan will be seen as giving up their privilege for the ticket.

If there is any changes for Taiwan version of Last Romeo it will be shown on this page ( Please keep a close look on us.

※    The Taiwan version of Last Romeo can only be preorder from 18th May 2014

Preorder time:18th May 2014 from 10am onwards
Location:Xi Men Ding Hospital Parade square (Taipei city Wan Hua district Kun Ming Street #100)
Time of showcase:20th May 2014 from 6.30pm
Location:Taipei Namkang 101 building (Taipei city Namkang district Chongyang Road #72)
Album release date: Tentatively on 10th June
Price:800 Taiwan Dollars


  1. The seat number will be decided by lucky draw,1 order bill will give you one chance at lucky draw,1 person can buy 4 albums at the most.
  2. On the 18th,the venue will have 5 music、Jia Jia music、Guang Nam Music、Ze Long Music providing services,the fans can freely choose which album company they want to buy their albums from. Besides getting the album at Taipei,you can also choose to get your album at the central part or southern part of Taiwan. If you want to receive your album outside Taipei please check the locations of the album store to make collection of albums easier.

Album store details:

3. The number of people the location can hold is limited,hence the preorder slots is also limited.Please follow instructions for preordering,lucky draw and queuing up.

4. Please keep your bill carefully and collect your album at the location you choose. INFINITE「SEASON 2」will be released on 10th June,if there is any changes of album release date,please refer to Facebook fanpage (。

5. Only cash will be accepted on the day,please understand (No credit and debit cards allowed)

Translated by Chinggyu of INFINITEUPDATES