Sunggyu part :

What is the definition of a romanticist?

As long as you love the other person truly and think of that person everyone can be a romanticist rather than the way you express your love it is the sincerity that counts. This is the point

Who is the most romantic person in Infinite?

Magnae Sungjong. He likes pink and he has dolls all over his bed.from the way he always changes his hair colour you could see that he is romantic. he seems like the type that will not run away after loving someone haha

When do you feel like you are like a romanticist?

Now is the time. I smiled a lot and did a lot of poses during today shooting. I shown different sides of me. observe my expressions closely

Recommend us a romantic movie that left a deep impression of you?

legend of a pianist. it talks about a pianist which spent his whole life on a boat. He fell in love with a girl at first sight he saw on the boat and he wrote a song for the girl. He even recorded that song for the girl. However the song which was written for the girl, the girl did not hear of the song and he smashed the cd. because if it was not the girl the song would mean nothing. isn't it romantic?

the list of movies the members said goes under most romantic movies

Dongwoo: Spiderman
Woohyun: About Time
Hoya: Before Midnight
Sungyeol: Notebook
L: Romeo and Juliet


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Sungyeol chose "Notebook" as the romantic movie that left him a very deep impression - The Celebrity Magazine interview
Myungsoo chose "Romeo and Juliet" (1968) as the romantic movie that left him a very deep impression - The Celebrity Magazine interview
Who is the most romantic member in Infinite?
Sunggyu: Maknae Sungjong. He likes color pink and he puts a lot of stuffed toys on his bed He also often changes his hair color,however u look at that he still can be romantic. He can give the other party new feeling everytime
L said he the most romantic one among the members.
Sungyeol: Unlike everybody thinks L isnt like that at all. In fact he's the farthest one from being romantic
Sungyeol chooses Trot as the music genre he wants to try the most as unit/solo activity - The Celebrity Magazine interview
The moment when you feel yourself are the most romantic.
Sungyeol: When I'm with the person I love, only 2 of us. Even though there might not be special event or sweet words but I hope I could make the moment itself romantic. In this album I have practiced my eyes expression a lot to be a romanticist but it seems not going well. Maybe it's all because I have no experience in love 
In real life which point do u think you dont loose agaisnt Woohyun.
Sungyeol: Fashion? Even though I dont know how to dress well but it seems that I look good wearing everything than that hyung. Haha. That hyung thinks he really know how to dress well, even said "You have to know how to look good wearing items that dont suit you at all" but from what I see he just goes around wearing things simply dont suit him at all -

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