To become a tragic female lead-Juliet, a mournful love which has to be split..♡
Somehow from the moment I see Infinite,there is a strange energy that flows through me..!! On the day itself! Another 1st position being swept, they have shown the dignity of a number one singer..!
Before the broadcast,they reached early. The Infinite members who chatted in a huddle and started singing- they also checked their scripts carefully, and while cracking jokes with each other, their cute mischievous sides were seen:)
What did Hoya-gun show to Sunggyu-gun? (curious)
hu.. it seems that I am the only one who aged...
Sometimes gyu seems to show energy as the eldest
But his eye smile is really good yeah-!
If Sunggyu-gun eye smile is gentle,
He could bluff us as being the maknae!!
Recently he said he is in the process of making a 6 pack,
The next time he comes to Sukira
6 pack!!! It's a must!!! To show it!!
Dongwoo-gun who sleeps well anywhere!
It seems that he is tired...
Before the broadcast, it seems that he fell into sleepㅠ_ㅠ
(He seems like a prince who is sleeping in the forest...? heu heu)
After the broadcast,Dongwoo-gun who stayed back to put the other members script into a neat pile,our work pile is decreased ㅠ_ㅠ
From now on,Sukira official designation Giraffe neck!!!
(Ho girrafe...?)
Hoya-gun who has reservations,
Different from his worries, <In line match>which he won with 4 correct answers!
It is the first time that we seen a team who works with each other so well...ke ke ke ke
Oh..? From what we see <Body quiz>, to <In Line Quiz>!
Hoya won 2 times consecutively~!
Who is the person and who is the flower...?
It seems that god shone his light on L-gun..
With his good looks even god will fall in love with him!
He really looks so good that is beyond what words can describe..ㅠ_ㅠ
On this day, members who made fun L's visuals(?)
Tension up!From myungsoo-gun he temporarily transformed into L-gun:)
"Why are you like that really!!!" 
He became a little excited
With vigor,he laughed off everything and his personality is also beautiful! This is L-gun^_^
A philanthropist who loves animals, the father of wrinkles Seongyeol-gun:)
All black fashion model who looks cool despite his wrinkles!
Now he will show his cool sides through being active in acting~?
Infinite tragic weapon!Hidden card Seongyeol-gun!
Wait for it a lot~>_<
Ah, this pose???
Mankae Sungjong-gun whose pictorial photo is followed by hyungs, Sunggyu+Hoya-gun.heu heu heu
Truthfully on that day..
It was such a pity that Infinite's stong tree-
Woohyun-gun's seat is emptyㅠ_ㅠ
Sungjong-gun who is as fresh as lemon takes care of his hyung so well that he called out to his hyung !
Because of Sungjong-gun we feel that Infinite is really together as 7 members~
They made Sukira packed:)
And another!
For <Body quiz> we measured their neck lengths,
It was a pity for Sungjong-gun who left a lot of regrets
It cannot be like this.. he asked if we could measure it again ke ke ke
He asked us for a few times repeatedly heu heu
His looks are really cute, you would really want him to be your brother:D
On this day's highlight!!
<In line quiz> punishment
L who has to sing a serenade!!!
Without notice, he brought and played his guitar,which shown his active side.
(Why did I..?)
Looking at him singing with his guitar I feel like...
20 year old. Seeing my first love inside a club who is a cool sunbae oppa :)
source: KBS
trans by: Chinggyu of  INFINITEUPDATES