[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iQBAofK-0I&w=560&h=315]

Hello everyone~ This is Hoya from Infinite H Did you enjoy watching Naver starcast self story Part 1? ^^ We filmed everything of ourselves, I wonder what you thought about it~ During the album 'Fly Again' schedule, the hidden stories! We captured all of it for everyone to see!! Ok~ then do you want to continue watching and laugh? For this self story, we showed the story of Infinite's 2015 Arena tour's first place, Fukuoka! This time I filmed it as I'm the main person, then endless times of the voice is Dongwoo! 

As you can see by watching the video... We cling alot... Until we succeed, Until the end! To those people wathcing it and smiling, you guys are very "Pretty~ very beautiful~!" We filmed it so you don't feel burden so you'll be able to watch it without feeling burden. Don't hesitate and press play! The feeling everyone has... What is this video? Infinite H self camera is a huge success.

Writing = Hoya

Filming = Dongwoo


*Please take out with credits

trans by: 박민지 @EstherInfinite9 of @INFINITEUPDATES