SBS 'Law Of The Jungle' is a real variety program shooting the record of survival in wild jungles. The celebrities have to be exposed to extreme situations if they want to be casted by LOTJ. It won't be a nice experience if they need to go through hardships (in the jungle) but some people who went to the jungle before still ask for a re-cast. To visit jungle means freedom and a challenge for them. INFINITE Sungyeol also challenged the jungle for the 2nd time. PD Lee Seyoung, who is the director of LOTJ Panama episode, was interviewed about LOTJ and showed his love to the cast.
-Sungyeol, Bora and Park Yoohwan. The youngsters also took an active role.

"Yoohwan and Sungyeol is same age and it seems like they lean on each other mentally. They play together, but also bicker with each other. While then, they also take care of each other. Bora is the 'Original Athlete Idol'. I wished to go to jungle with her and I was confident that Bora will do well in jungle. She has a physical power, and also sense. When the others are building house, Bora realize what they need and bring that before they ask. Kim Byeongman was also surprised and praised her. She was bright and she gave us energy."
-It is the second time for Sungyeol to appear in LOTJ.
"Sungyeol really likes jungle. Actually, he knows that it's hard. Too many insects, hot and hungry. So he complains about 'Why did I came here again?'. But when we were about to finish our life in jungle, he said he wants to come here again. He is not like a general idol. Staffs really cherish him and also compliment him a lot. Other casts forgot about the camera after a few days, but Sungyeol acts like there is no camera around him from the first moment we arrive in jungle. He just enjoy that."
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