The beneficiary: Save the Children

Group Managers:

Australia & New Zealand - Yeji of InfiniteUpdates

Bolivia - Infinite Bolivia

Brazil - Infinite_Brasil

Chile - Infinite Inspirit Chile

China - InThatSummer盛夏站

Europe / Germany : P0LARLIGHT

France - French Invasion

Hongkong - Vicky & huinfinite

Indonesia - Inspirit Indonesia

Ireland - SAC

Japan - Miyu of InfiniteUpdates

Korea - Hyon of InfiniteUpdates

Malaysia - Nash of InfiniteUpdates

Mexico - Inspirit Mexico

Philippines - Jangdongwoo Philippines

Peru - Inspirit Peru


U.S - 인피니트 fashion

We are looking for more group managers especially for U.S, Canada, Thailand and Hongkong. Please e-mail us at [email protected]

Thank you~