You’ll be surprised when you see their smooth charm.

Woohyuk: When Hyung (Sungkyu) called me "YOU!" and used impolite speech, everyone around us stared at us. He said "Woohyuk-ah, lets eat" and a senior even came over asking whether I was the younger one? Haha Sungkyu: I think its because Woohyuk is mature and looks like an adult. I’m always wearing a hoodie like a little kid so thats why. haha

Q: I heard you are receiving rehabilitation for your ankle, is it getting better? Kim Sungkyu: Since I have to dance often. My ankle had always been a problem and I hurt it during a concert rehearsal. I didn’t take care of it, and finished the concert. When I finished, I fell on the stairs and heard a cracking sound. My left ankle ligament got fractured. So I had to go through surgery for that, and I’m trying to be very careful. That's why at first I couldn’t practice the choreography.

Q: Both of you did great in your last musical so you must be getting a lot of love calls. Sungkyu: Eh. haha A few projects did come in. But the timing was not right. I had my injury too. And this project was suppose to hit big this summer haha. Plus, Elvis Presley’s music is really good, isn’t it? I think I'll be able to show it better on stage while dancing.

Q: I haven’t seen your musical Vampire that played in Japan but i’ve seen “Gwanghwamun Sonata” and “In the Heights” I feel you chose very good projects and characters that show your strengths. Sungkyu: Actually, when I think about “Gwanghwamun Sonata”, I feel very embarrassed. Haha. How did I even do that. At that time, I was really young and I didn’t even know how to do anything. Since it was when I was 22 years old. Also, Director Lee Jina was also very strict. She asked “Do you have schedules?” and I replied “Yes” she replied “Why are you doing this musical then? If you can’t do it, then memorize it all and then come!” She was like that. It was a challenge for me and I realized this was this kind of place through that experience.

Q: Your first experience in Musicals was very difficult. Why did you want to try musicals again? Sungkyu: I think I felt something that attracted me. Even though I sing in broadcasts and in concerts, when I’m standing on a musical stage I feel like I can send energy to the audience and I feel like I’m receiving energy too. It's full of vitality too.

Also, singing as a character and not as Infinite felt scary at first. But I feel that I will feel its attractiveness when I meet a good project. Also i felt this too. Other musical actors told me that for them, for everyone here, the musical stage means a lot to them. Just as important as a singer releasing an album. You should do the best you have and do well. So I felt that I don't only have to work hard but have to do well too. In the heights was also directed by Lee Jina. When I met her again she said. “How old are you now?” I said "Im 27." She said, “You aged a lot already, you should do well.” haha. Because she said that i worked really hard. I felt i had a lot of fun doing in the heights. I feel like doing musicals and it feels very fun and a very important thing.

Q: Elvis is a character that advocates for love, has a lot of dreams and is very cheesy. Sungkyu: But Elvis is a really cool character, really hard working, young and always sings about love.

Q: How do you feel as a singer yourself playing the character Elvis Presley? Sungkyu: Elvis Presley was very fashionable and his music and dance was also very revolutionary. Everything about him was very outstanding. I was scared at first playing such a character. Even now, I feel a different kind of burden. I'm worried whether i can show this person’s coolness, trendiness and passion. But I'm glad his music is very good and the chapter is really cool so I feel I can use his features to produce a different type of coolness.

Q: In past performances of this musical, there were changes to many of the hip dance that shows Elvis’ character well, will you be doing those? Sungkyu: Butt dance and hip dance, that is a lot. It's the trademark so of course its important to do it.

Q: Don’t we all have a move that we use to attract a partner like Elvis? Sungkyu: I’m not sure either. I guess that If I see a pretty girl I would act cool, but there's nothing specific. I will make something now. hahah. I should make one that people can’t resist. I think its good to have something like that. I feel like if I debuted before my generation, I wouldn’t have been able to debut. Now the generation has changed, and recently a lot of popular people have no double eyelid and small eyes.

Q: Since both of you have older sisters and are the youngest in the family, I feel you guys won’t have a problem showing Elvis. Sungkyu: I never really got spoiled by my sisters either. but my family was not conservative like Woohyuk. My older sister even gave me allowance when I was young. My parents just thought we would do well on our own.

Q: Sungkyu you are the leader of Infinite but you don’t seem like an oppressive leader. Sungkyu: I think my members are very kind. They listen to me and follow me well. So I’m very thankful. I don’t need to be recognized as an older brother to them but they still follow me well.

Q: I think your responsibility is very high as the leader. Sungkyu: When we first debuted, i felt everything bad was my fault. When we don’t preform well on stage, it felt like my fault too. But later I realized it was non sense. I had no reason to feel that way. Before I had a big burden, but I don’t feel that anymore.

Q: Wheesung and Park Jungah are senior singers right? Sungkyu: Yes they are senior to me by a lot. Actually it's probably my first time to formally meet them. Even though we promoted at the same time before, because there is very big hierarchy in the broadcast station, we have no chance to talk. But now I can ask “Jungah noona did you eat?” Before it was like, “Senior, Hello!” I also feel very honoured, reliable and happy to work with WheeSung hyung. Everyone knows Wheesung’s songs. when he released “Cant I” I was still a student. I feel at ease when he speaks comfortably with me. He always works hard so I feel like working hard too. I act as a couple with Jungah noona, and it is very fun. She is very easy going and fun. Also she plays the same mobile game as me. She married this year and is doing musicals for the first time back too.

Q: I can tell that both of you have very cautious personalities. Sungyu: I hear from my members all the time. “Hyung, 80% of people’s worries is about not being able to wake up on time.” I always worry too.

Q:In this musical the love line is very complicated as the female crossdresses, but in the end their love over comes it. If it was you in real life, would you be able to accept it? Sungkyu: With my personality… I have lots of worries and I’m not confident with myself. If this kind of movie like story happened to me and I fall in love and have a happy life I would want that.

Q: Have you ever achieved a dream? Sungkyu: Even now feels like a dream. Even meeting all shook up and Elvis this is a very cool dream. Standing as the main character for any project feels like a dream.

Q: What kind of Actor and stage would you like to be on next time. Sungkyu: I want to become a actor that can give off energy. I want to be that actor while standing on stage and giving that good energy. {parts not related to Sungkyu omitted]