Inspirits we need your honest opinions.
Murisu in Korea has been planning an Infinite Promotion project in Korea in preparation for Infinite's comeback. They will be using a 'wrapping bus' which will be a bus covered with pictures of Infinite as well as an ad balloon to promote more awareness for Infinite. We asked Murisu if we could help out by gathering donations overseas. This will be under Murisu's name and we will be merely acting as donation representatives for International Inspirits. As Murisu didn't respond for a while we came up with our own project.
We from Infinite Updates are organizing a project for Infinite’s 4th year Anniversary. We have decided it is time for Global - International Inspirits to make their presence known.
We are planning to have a Subway advertisement or a Bus advertisement (this still depends on how much we can gather) for Infinite’s 4th Year Anniversary on June.
We made this project with one thought in mind 'If Korean fanbases can do it why can't we?'
This project will NOT be named after us (InfiniteUpdates) but rather under Global - International Inspirits name.
Murisu has responded and wants us to help collect donations from overseas.
As we cannot do both we have decided to let Inspirits decide which project we should participate in. Please choose if you would like to either help out with Murisu's Infinite promotion project or to participate in our 4th year Anniversary project. The option with the most votes will be chosen.
Please participate and share with other International Inspirits.
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