Hello Naver Starcast readers, and inspirits who became our strength, I am Infinite's Leader Sunggyu.

This week the album Season 2 that we have prepared painstakingly is available for sale and to commerate this event we went on a 3 country showcase,and we did our first comeback stage hence we all feel happy. No matter what we Infinite feel very happy being able to meet our fans who participated in our showcase and we felt touched and overwhelming feelings was given to us by our fans.
So from 19th May to 21st May we had our Infinite 1-2-3 Showcase in Taiwan-Japan-Seoul and I will show the behind the scenes that was hidden.So let us follow Infinite on a tightly packed 3 days showcase schedule!!

This was shot on the 19th morning in the airport, when we were travelling to Japan for the "Infinite 1,2,3 showcase". Hoya told fans who came to send him off and the reporters that they will go and come back safely. In the Korea airport where they took off and of course the Japan airport when they arrived was filled with fans cheering for their names and I gained cofidence that we could end our schedules well. Finally we are at the showcase! Members are preparing before going on stage.

Diligent Hoya is the first to receive makeup

Myungsoo is getting his hair done,He spotted the camera approaching and gave us a slight smile.

Mankae Sungjong is asking for makeup to be done for him. He is cute younger brother usually but seeing his serious looks before going on stage, I felt that "He's all grown up now~I have raised him well~".

The time now ,Japan fans have gathered at the Divercity Tokyo Plaza,venue of the showcase and it seems that the showcase venue is all filled up.Gundam is also welcoming us!!!

So now "Infinite 1,2,3 Showcase" race will start!Hwaiting! Preparation was perfect!100% confidence!My heart is racing!Finally after shouting Hwaiting we went up to the stage that the Japanese fans have been waiting for!

Similar to the outdoor stage, our fans looks completely energized and they waved their hands gleefully for us~

The song 'Last Romeo' was revealed for the first time and our energy filled up the whole stage.Especially when we sang Last Romeo in Japanese,our fans reacted more warmly than we expected.
Just like this our first showcase ended successfully in Japan.After that we headed back to our dorm and because we had an early flight to Taiwan so we slept early.
Next morning on the 20th without resting we flew to Taiwan!We spent a busier day in Taiwan as compared to Japan.We went for a interview before our showcase.

Seems that our actions became similar after staying together~Seeing the members putting their hands in their pockets do we look like brothers?

Sungyeol in the middle of the interview,he looks like he is shy~?!

Compared to that Sungjong is showing a V and at ease~

Interview ended and we took a short break at the waiting room~Finishing up their drinks quickly Hoya and Sungyeol,plus L.

'Have a cup of bubble tea?' Dongwoo who is caring was drinking a mouthful and recommending the drink~ After a short break members are having rehearsal for the Taiwan showcase.

Checking the cardinal points(directions) Woohyun who is taking care of everything carefully

Thinking that there is audience,rehearsal is also like the real deal. Dongwoo who is engrossed in rehearsal!Of course Dongwoo's expression is always alive.Envy Envy.

Myungsoo~Of course you are the Last Romeo!

Myungsoo who is feeling warm after rehearsal you look good even then.chap(informal Korean)

Here we have one person who is feeling warmer than Myungsoo,Hoya.
With that our rehearsal ended, and we are starting our 2nd showcase,let me show you a look backstage.

Hoya who is filled with confidence!

I will do well for the showcase

This is not a V~But to represent our 2nd showcase~

Feeling absolutely determined,Dongwoo and Sungjong's eyes.

Lastly Woohyun who knew all members are perfectly prepared!Now let's go on stage!!

Let us get into 'Knife Dance' we will melt all Taiwan Inspirit hearts!! Hoot~

We will not forget all the fans who turned up for this showcase!

I will promise this with Myungsoo's face~
With that our 2nd showcase ended successfully.However!Now it seems that we are only just starting!! 'Infinite 1,2,3 showcase finale we are still left with Korea's showcase!!
On the 21st weather conditions are deteriorating,we returned to Seoul 2 hours later than expectedㅠ.ㅠ
At Taiwan the aeroplane could not take off and thinking of the fans plus reporters who were waiting at the showcase venue we felt very worried... With the fans' prayers that we could reach back home safely,we reached the venue of Seoul showcase without any problems.

Sungjong who missed the fans badly is the first to go up on stage. Wait for a while more Inspirits!!

There were many fans who were waiting for us!touched touched!

We sang a song that was in [Season 2] memories,and we went up on stage one by one~

With that this is all that happened during our 3 days of showcases.This is the guy who is skillful at speaking~

Although I like group dancing on stage, "A person like me" songs like that which are calming peoples' hearts and makes your heart fly,I would like to convey this on stage.Even that,the last song for the showcase is "Last Romeo".

Infinite does not see anyone else other than Inspirits~
With that the curtains shut down for our 3 days comeback showcase.Seeing the photos I feel that I went back to the times when my heart was fluttering,quivering,filled with emotion and with feelings that I gained the perspective that I should go back to my first original resolution.
These showcases could not be done without fans. I feel thankful for the fans who stuck by us during our long absence.We will do broadcast schedules while working hard so watch over us~ And give lots of love to "Last Romeo"! Thank you.^^
Written by:Sunggyu of Infinite
Photos by:Woolim Entertainment
Translated by:Chinggyu for Infiniteupdates
[Please take out with credits]