A person that shines on the stage, Nam Woohyun shows his true value again as solo singer song writer. Nam Woohyun on the 9th at Yes24 live hall met with the reporters at his solo debut showcase.
He was first asked about his current schedule.
He replied that he was filming “MongDang School Olympic ” and preparing for his solo at the same time. He also said, many fans as well as himself had been waiting for this album so he worked very hard and was very glad that everyone likes it.
Woohyun said that, 95% of this album is made with his own colours and that he contributed to around half of the album. He was very nervous to see the reaction to his album and explained he could not have preformed with such deep emotions if he released the album earlier. He is looking forward to how he will improve in 10 or 12 years from now which made many reporters nood.
Before singing his song ‘That person’ he was asked how would he describe this album in which he answered ‘Hard Work’. Before the album came out he had been working hard on the songs without knowing when they can be released. He mentioned that for him every song is like a treasure and his own kids.
When he was asked what he would do if he got 1st place he answered in a modest tone. “Im already very thankful that i got to even release the album.” thanking his company. “If i were to win first place i would like to do busking or a guerilla concert, that way more people can listen to me sing.”
“Its really good that he started doing music” Kim Sunggyu also was at the showcase and said that he is very glad that Woohyun chose to do music as infinite and anything above that. Woohyun showed that he was a singer that is always improving. On stage it felt that he was free yet very excited about his solo.
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written by: Beffreport : Kim JoonHyun
trans by: Infinite Updates : Pris