Infinite Nam Woo Hyun-Lee Sung Yeol child actress Kim Sae Ron had a script reading for the drama High School Love on which they acted in.
On the 13th KBS new building wing KBS High School Love on script reading was held. (script:Lee Jae Yeon director:Seong Jun Hae-Seo Joo Wan/High School) At the script reading venue,Seong Jun Hae director,Lee Jae Yeon scriptwriter,producers,Infinite Nam Woo Hyun-Lee Sung Yeol,Kim Sae Ron,Lee Joo Sil,Choi Su Rin,Jo Yeon Woo main actors had a good atmosphere during script reading.
There were no end to laughter and the harmonious atmosphere of the script reading it was revealed that Nam Woo Hyun and his grandmother will operate a store while living together alone, Shin Woo Hyun(Nam Woo Hyun) will have overflowing confidence and refreshment. The first fire would be opened. Handsome looks and outstanding singing skills Shin Woo Hyun will attract a lot of girls but he is a blunt guy.
Lee Sung Yeol will act as Hwang Sung Yeol which is Woo Hyun's rival in the show and Hwang Sung Yeol is a cool and rebellious guy who is charismatic. There is nothing which Hwang Sung Yeol cannot do and is the perfect mother's friend son. (in Korea there are terms such as this which shows how parents envy other peoples' children and wish their children were like this) Woohyun's real mother would be Sung Yeol's stepmother and after knowing that they will strain their relations. They will show a war in this show.
Kim Sae Ron will save Woohyun as an angel. The angel is cunning,cute and perfect and her name is Lee Seul Bi. She will become a human after saving Woo Hyun.
Especially Seul Bi and Woo Hyun's cute quarrels and they will show their lovely sides as a couple. Their warm and fresh love will bring smiles to the audience's face.
Besides that Woo Hyun's grandmother in the show lead the other characters in the show with her acting skills. Choi Su Rin and Jo Yeon Woo's perfect sync made the actors more engrossed within their characters.  This young romance show will bring warmth to the viewers' hearts.
The director showed thanks to the actors by mentioning that the young actors worked using their best sides and the senior actors did a great job in leading the other actors and he is happy about that. Till the end I hope the actors will stay healthy and happy.
The 20 episode show will start broadcasting in June.
Source: Jang Eun Kyung reporter of Chosun News
Translated by Chinggyu of INFINITEUPDATES