Woohyun was not attend today Show Champion  due to his injury so Sunggyu and Hoya are covering Woohyun's parts

When we first walked in, spotted Dongwoo sitting on the stairs by the stage. Staff started rubbing oil or lotion on his arms. Dongwoo is always smiling and laughing and talking to fans. He is so great for doing so. When Myungsoo walked on stage for the first time, he went 안녕 안녕 and giggled a little at his own cuteness. Fans were surprised but pleased. For the most part, Infinite was a bit more chic and cool today and seemed to just want to get things done. Leader Gyu immediately addressed the fans after their greeting, saying that originally Woohyun was supposed to be with them today. But because of Woohyun's injury, he was not able to come today, so Sunggyu said that they would work harder. Although I'm sad that I didn't get to bask in Woohyun today, I hope he is getting the rest he needs. I really appreciate Sunggyu as leader. I see him as the type to be hurting when his members are hurting, and I love him for that care he has But ohemgee, I feel like Myungsoo's outfit gets more lowcut each time I see him. I could see his sternum and part of his pecs today. The stage kept spraying up fire during the chorus parts. Continously. It got so warm. Myungsoo does this really chic move at one point, where he kinda brushes his shoulder type of thing. I never noticed it before. Sunggyu's parts ended up being long and many, not that I'm complaining since of course they sounded good, but at times, it did feel strange. And yes, Infinite definitely sings live, and yes, they sound perfect. Hoya did some of Woohyun's parts as well, but Sunggyu did the main ones.

Before the second recording, Sunggyu thanked fans for coming so early. Hoya said, You haven't eat yet huh? And of course fans were like, nope. Fans around me remarked how they felt bad for Sungyeol on stage because he had no dancing partner. (Made choreo look a bit strange) Dongwoo noticed too that Sungyeol was missing a partner, so he asked who would like to grab Yeol's jacket. Of course we all volunteered. I totally didn't know Sunggyu grabs Myungsoo's jacket and Myungsoo does this dead cold stare. Sungjong was super cute. Always smily and waving and returning the 화이팅s. Right before the second recording, on standby, Sungyeol kept going Ah Ah Ah loudly, like to warm up his voice. When they finished the second recording, Sunggyu kinda threw his head back and let out an exasperated breath, like he was tired. The boys left the stage, and soon after, they announced it was the end. The boys ran back on stage to say goodbye.

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