Q. L your character and Joo Sang Wook's character have bright personalities in the drama. Is it similar to your actual personality?

L - I'm shy in real life. When I'm with my members I get along just fine. When I'm with Sang Wook hyung I tend to depend on him like a brother. (Even though I don't have a brother in real life) it feels like I'm hanging around with my brother.
Q. L are you the mood maker at the drama set?
L - I hardly ever talk
Joo Sang Wook - It feels like L isn't so relaxed on the set.
Q. To be able to play your character what have you prepared L?
L - I got my drivers license for this drama. Besides that I am seeking good advice from Sang Wook hyung as well as the staff members and I'm trying hard to obtain a good result from my acting through such advice.
Q. The title of this drama is 'cunning single lady.' Is there an image that you think of about 'cunning' ladies?
Kim Kyu Ri - You need to be careful about this question
L - I don't really know. Its hard.
Kim Kyu Ri - Then what's your ideal type?
L - Just someone I can talk to comfortably. My ideal type is someone I'm comfortable with. This question is hard.

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