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Jonghyun : When I see Woohyun, he looks like a puppy~ for key looks like a cat!
Key: Me as a maknae here
Woohyun: So, me as a visual!
When asked about 'what your partner is?'
Woohyun: Key for him as a Shadow
Key: Woohyun for him as a Soju
Jonghyun: Who is more handsome in this industry/ent?
Woohyun: Jonghyun u really handsome
Jonghyun: L is handsome, I just look charismatic

Trans by @jjongfever

Woohyun said he doesn't look at Key as Shinee's Key but as Kibum
Woohyun: When Key is drunk, he talk a lot.
Jonghyun: He usually (not drunk) talk a lot
Woohyun: Too noisy!
Jonghyun: Key to WH is?
Woohyun : Just like what I said just now, my another half because it's by my side my shadow.

Trans by @RapperYeoboJang

JONGHYUN: "How did you two prepare for this album since both of you are so busy?"
Woohyun(WH)&Key: "Yeah we were busy, just had to prepare it among being busy"
WOOHYUN: "That's why Key's voice is like that..."
Key: "Ah my voice..." JH: "Ah key sounds like he is falling sickㅜㅠ"

JONGHYUN: "Since i know Woohyun for a long time, and i'm with key for over 7/8 years, aren't you guys worried that i would say something (secrets, etc)"
Key: "We got more things to say about youㅋㅋㅋ"

WOOHYUN talked about the radio corner they are on today which is talking as if they are chatting over a night drink and said he feels like having a drink, so Jonghyun said "Let's go have a drink after this (radio broadcast) then!" and WOOHYUN & Key both said okay.

Key said he and WOOHYUN have been talking about collaborating a song or a stage together since a year together but someone from the side decided to help them and told them to release an album so they received alot of help.

JONGHYUN: "I knew you guys were close but i didn't know you were so close until you have nicknames for each other, like My-beom/My-hyun?"
WOOHYUN: "I used to call him "kibum-ah kibum-ah~ kibumah~~~~ but after a while it wasn't interesting/funny so i tried saying "my-beom~~~~~" once and since it was quite interesting so we continued with it."

JONGHYUN said when he first heard about Toheart he got a shock and asked Key why he didn't tell them. Key said WOOHYUN told infinite members from the start, then WOOHYUN said it wasn't him that told, it was actually their company boss (who has a "loose" mouth) and told the members from the start. Then key said "Our company boss told me to keep it a secret!!!" Jonghyun said: "I didn't even know but my mum told me that she knew, my mother knew!!!"

JH asked how they felt when they heard the demo version of "Delicious".
WOOHYUN said he liked it alot from the start.
Key laughed and JH asked "Why did you laugh?"
Key said: "I thought it was only ok...."
WOOHYUN: "Key liked the other tracks better"
JH: "Ah yes the other tracks are really good!
Key: "I liked the other tracks but after listening to all i realised 'Ah, no wonder they picked delicious as the title song', because the song has a natural trait of a title song and suited the album concept the most"

JH asked 3 questions:
1) Do you like alcohol?
2) Do you have alcohol habits? (Actions that you do when you're drunk)
3) Have you ever attended a schedule with a hangover?
Both WOOHYUN & Key said "YES" to all 3 questions.

WOOHYUN says key doesn't have much bad drinking habits but he just talks alot, he says key talks so much until his ears hurt so he will go further away from him when key is drunk.

Key said during WH's birthday, WOOHYUN was drinking alot but Key had to leave the country the other morning so he decided to not drink at all but woohyun was in a good mood and kept drinking so he got drunk soon.
The infinite members did their greetings and left so key felt like he had to take care of WH and ended up drinking alot as well. Key said since he was going to take care of him, might as well get into the same state as him, so he drunk more. Jonghyun said he remembered that night.

WOOHYUN chose a song by korean band "Coffee Boy" for key because key likes coffee and Jonghyun said "Ah yes, Key likes americano, but isn't 10cm's americano more suitable then?"

JH asked about the good and bad points of doing music together as compared from being best friends.
Key said he think that one of the good things is that WOOHYUN is a pro (in doing music), since they are friends, he wasn't able to feel it but when they are doing music together, he realised that woohyun is a pro in doing music so it was easy and enjoyable.

ToHeart said they haven't fight before even though alot of people fight while doing music together, WOOHYUN said they fought over really stupid stuff like what food to order.
WOOHYUN: "Key likes food like carbonara and pasta,but i wanted to eat korean food. So we ended up having a cold war"

JH asked since alot of big-shot idols like SNSD, 2ne1 and dbsk is coming back, is ToHeart worried (about winning the charts). Key and WOOHYUN said the objective of this project is to have fun so they are not focusing on the charts. WOOOHYUN says it is more important for them to have fun on stage together with the fans without any burden. JH said they don't have to worry since with that playful mindset they already sold over 100,000 albums on the first day.

JH asked what do they want to show everyone through ToHeart that they did not manage to show through their original groups (infinite/SHINee).
WOOHYUN said since INFINITE has alot of members, he doesn't have much space to show alot of things so he has alot of things he wants to show everyone.
Key agreed with him and said "Even though i have showed the fans alot of things i want to show through concert solo stages or my personal SNS, but i want to make use of this chance to show the public"

ToHeart said they did not receive any candies today but gave out candies to the fans who came to the recording today.

JH asked "Since you two are good friends, do you have similar dating styles (girls you like)?"
WH said they will never have the scenario in Delicious MV where they fight over a girl because their styles are too different.
Key says they talk about girls and points out to each other when they see a pretty girl (then jonghyun cut in saying that all men are the same (look at girls and point out the ones they like), but he has never thought that any girl that woohyun point out is pretty.
WOOHYUN  says he like cute, pure and innocent type of girls but key is not this type of girl at all.
JH says his style is similar to WH too so it's key's problem.
Key added saying that it is not that the girl woohyun pointed out is ugly, but it is just not his style.
JH said they should talk more about this later while having drinks.

JH asked what would they choose between friendship/love if they really like the same girl just like the lyrics of Delicious. Key said since friendship can comeback but love can't, he will choose love. WOOHYUN said he will choose love too.

ToHeart has similar styles so they can shop together, JH says he is jealous of the two of them since they can shop,eat,play together because he doesn't have a friend that can do everything with him.

JH: "How long can you promote in Infinite?" WOOHYUN: "I've thought about this alot, i think we can promote together as long as the fans are there"
JH: "How long can you promote in SHINee?" Key: "I think i want to do it until i have no more regrets/pity"

JH: "What is key to Woohyun?"
WOOHYUN: "My alter ego, since he is always next to me, he is like my shadow?"
JH: "What is WH to Key?"
Key: "Ah...woohyun to me....he is like soju (alcohol)? a precious friend that i can have fun with match me well, a friend that i can talk about sad and happy topics to"
JH: "What is Jonghyun to the both of you?"
WOOHYUN & Key: laughs
Key: forget it!!~~
WOOHYUN: JH is the boss of <Midnight drink> to me, i'm like a guest.
Key: He is like an employee! employee!!!

Trans by @qyblingtastic

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