Knowing "Yeouido" 3 biggest managers, the people who groomed the stars.The war between singers and actors is very intense. Within the broadcasting industry we will be talking about the top 3 managers of the industry and today we will be starting this special series.
▲ Lee Jeong Yeop Woolim entertainment representative:Compared to a manager who has been an entertainer, those managers who have only been managers are more of a spectator.
Mangers who have worked as an entertainer tend to be more active and plan more unconventionally.Those who had only been managers will walk on the safe side and stay to the traditionally walked path.Lee Jeong Yeop started Woolim entertainment in 2003. Their company currently houses idol group Infinite,the band Nell and their current statuses does the talking for the company.
Last time he wanted to be an entertainer. In 1993 after he graduated from a high school in Busan,he came up to Seoul without any plans to take part in an audition he faced difficulties.He had to do physical labour and worked as a person who fixed musical instruments and when he attended concerts he got closer to Lee Seung Hwan which made him had the thought of being a manager.Lee Seung Hwan.The Classic.Kim Jang Hoon.Lee Sora.Ocean he had been the managers of these people .Epic High and Kim Dong Ryul.Kim Gyun Seung he had been the producers of them.
He had no leisure time.Even though he had appointments, whenever anything happens to an artiste he has to get to them right away.At that point of time due to his habits he did not even dare to make appointments. He will only make his appointments on the day itself by asking what are you doing now and he laughed at that.Due to his ability to overcome those circumstances, he takes more joy in being a manager now. He had no dreams of earning big money but he wants his own singers to stand on stage and let the audience feel sheer thrill and relieve their stress from his singer's performances.Those managers who are able to fulfil the dreams of others are more charismatic.Although the chance of succeeding is low, when you achieve it you will be happier than doing any other jobs.
Written by:Kim Eun Gu of Edaily
Translated by: Chinggyu for @InfiniteUpdates
[Please take out all translations with FULL credits]