Makeup brand ‘Shara Shara,’ which Infinite’s L currently models for, will be launching in China.
Shara Shara announced on April 22, “On April 14, we signed a contract for sole agency with China’s Etude Global to launch the brand in China.”

With the signing of the contract, Shara Shara will be giving the exclusive right for the Chinese corporation to sell the brand′s items throughout China.
Kim Ok Yeop, Shara Shara′s director of marketing, said, “Shara Shara has been receiving a lot of positive responses from the Chinese customers in its stores in Myeong-dong and has been rising as a hallyu makeup brand. Based on its competitive design, quality and price, signing a contract for sole agency with our partner in China will allow the brand to succeed in the Chinese market.”

Source: Mwave
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