When I held “L’s Bravo Viewtiful part01” with my two hands for the very first time, it moved and touched my heart along with an amount of anxiousness and nervousness I have never experienced till now. The right way to express the Kim Myungsoo that impulsively planned this photo essay book would be to call him “immature”. But, the embarrassing yet lovely outcome of this first piece has gone beyond my expected reactions and supports that I have come to set another challenge again. 
The curiosity of “Success?” is thrown away by my 22-year-old ambition. 
Rather than a weakness of the question, “Because this is a continuation of a series… Will it be okay this time too?”, I have a bigger ambition of wanting to mature more. So I continue to take photos and write diaries today.
If you received healing through the first “part01”, I hope you can be surrounding people around me in the second one and sympathize with everything. Let’s open the first page imagining that you are living together with Kim Myungsoo, and going around with him. For the people exhausted from stressful jobs, and for the people that are unable to freely go off somewhere due to being tangled in time, I want to bring comfort with the spring trees and rich cherry blossoms on the last part of this book. By the time this book publishes we might be escaping out of the late Summer and greeting the Fall, but I have no doubt and believe that the breeze embedded in this rejuvenating photo essay book will leave you feeling refreshed.  
' The same things look different depending on perspective'
' My surroundings are neither as spacious as I thought, nor narrow'
'I shouldn't think of how other people view of me, but instead start getting in the active habit of observing my surroundings'
'The center of the world is me, myself, and I'
- L (A child writing a diary with pictures)
trans by: Ji Won 
posted by: Anjellie_ka for InfiniteUpdates