Sung-yeol shed tears as he watched video message from the INFINITE members on ‘Law of the Jungle’.
The final episode of SBS ‘Law of the Jungle’ consisted of a special ‘Director’s choice scenes’. Behind stories and off-the record scenes were aired.
In the revealed contents, the video messages that were not aired previously were featured. The video message from INFINITE members caused Sung-yeol to shed tears.
Sung-yeol’s face lit up at the sight of the INFINITE members. Sung-kyu looked slightly upset that he was not able to join the ‘Law of the Jungle’ himself. “Sung-kyu kept saying ‘I should have been there. I would have been better’,” Woo-hyun revealed.
“Sung-yeol, I hope you are doing OK. I remember how you bought a comic book on the law of the jungle to prepare yourself for the exploration into the jungle. I worry you might be having trouble with the food there. I hope you come back safe. We’re going to have Kimchi soup,” Sung-kyu said, taking over the mike from Woo-hyun.
“I know what the kind of efforts you are making. Have fun and come back safe,” said L, Sung-yeol’s best friend.
Sung-yeol shed tears, filled with emotions, at the sight of the INFINITE members, whom he were always with but were apart for now.
source: TV Report via: Naver
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