Additional Info:High-touch events in JP
・Aug 18/2014(Mon):somewhere in OSAKA (twice)
・Aug 19/2014 (Tue):somewhere in TOKYO (twice)
3,000 Inspirits for each (= 6,000ppl for a day) *(12,000ppl for 2dayz)
There are 2 choices. We’ll inform you how to apply after confirmation.
1) High-touch participation + GIFT course : 300ppl (per 1time)
2) High-touch participation course: 2700ppl(per 1 time)
■Application period
July 2/2014 noon~ July 6/2014 11:59pm
*Apply with “application ticket” which will be enclosed per 1 single CD.
*We’ll inform more details for application later via Universal Music HP NEWS etc.
*The venue & the time will be informed to ONLY winners.
*CDs which you pre-ordered at the venue of Show Case will be delivered in
the entry period.
*Please do not inquire about the delivery to Tower Record, TOWERmini
Diver City Tokyo Plaza shop.
Translated by @MineMyngsL of Infinite Updates 
Please take out with full credit, Thank you! :D