L will take the role of travel agency CEO 'Kang Jaeho' who established travel agency 'Happy Walking'. He visited Philippines just for travel, but fell in love with Philippines so he opened a local travel agency. He loves meeting people, he is also bright and honest but has too much pride. He is good at cooking but he is not good at drinking. His agency is composed of a Filipino driver, and two tourist buses. But he is getting many requests from korean agencies due to his sincere business.
The drama is about the love between worldwide pop star and travel agency CEO. They will also shoot about story in entertainment field and broadcasting stations. 'Blue in my heart' will be a 10 episode drama, 1 hour per each episode. Shooting will start in April and last till June. They plan to air drama in Korea, China and Japan at the same time. For Korea, they are contacting with MBC dramanet to air drama.
T/N: The news article firstly said L's role is kpop start but it was corrected to Travel agency CEO one hour later.
Surce: Naver + Daum
Trans by Hyon for infiniteupdates.net