L interest in photography ! < Always carry a camera >
Epop : You 've just launched photobook < L' s Bravo Viewtiful > in May, now launched the second edition yet! What is the difference between the first edition and the second edition ?
L : The first edition featuring Kim Myungsoo , not L . The second edition also features people around me . We're ignoring a lot of small things or certain moments , so I wanted to capture every moment with the camera . Compared to the first edition , I participate more in the second edition published
Epop : What is the meaning of camera for yourself ?
L : Camera like my life necessities , it's the old thing I want! I remember , when I first got the contract money , I bought a camera . The camera is very important to capture every moment of my life . Every day , I take pictures and write a diary to record my daily life . With the camera , I can better understand this world. In Tokyo , there is a place called Kichijoji Honcho . We used to run the MV filming there. At that time , I do think that place  is not really beautiful . But when I go there again , I find it really beautiful place ! Through the lens of a camera , I was able to see things that are ignored before.
Epop: You love to take pictures, of course you always bring a camera along!
L: Hahaha .. I always carry a digital camera or a micro camera that my bag is not too heavy. If I bring a camera SRL, I feel very tired as lead promotional activities for SRL camera is very heavy and difficult to carry.
Epop: What type of the picture you like to take?
L: Hmmm. Hard to say because I am not a professional photographer. I have yet to reach that level. I just wanted to take what I've seen.
Epop: What do you like to do in your free time?
L: Right now, I am busy with world tour concert. It's been a week I did not go home. If I'm free, I want to update the photos in the home and sleep. Ahh, sometimes I go out to take pictures of landscapes. Hehe
Epop: You go out alone?
L: Yeah (epop: Would you ever recognized by fans?) Hmmm. there are indeed people kept looking at me, but just the fans that know I love taking pictures, others do not know. Maybe they figured I was an artist, but they could not confirmed it, haha .. I sometimes go out with the manager, they also kept looking at us. Probably because they felt that two men are very strange.
Epop: If you are a photographer, what kind of photos would you like to take?
L: Poster of Fashion! If I were a photographer, member must be my model for our group! I can borrow them for a while, hahaha .. In addition, I am also very understanding of my members, so I must be able to show their best side!
Epop: Your photobook had loaded a lot of member pictures . When you snap their photos, did they said anythings?L: Before my photobook been launched, all of them said that I'm very talkative! Except Sung Jong, other members will said " What you doing ?"Hehe .. Sungjong is definitely the best! I take pictures of the members every day. Although they are very worried, but they were willing to cooperate because they know that I will launch this photobook. Hahaha
Epop: Who gave many cooperate to you?
L: Sung Yeol ~ ~! When he noticed that I shoot him, he continued to pose cute. Hehe

Trans by : @InfiniteUpdates
Posted by : L (infiniteupdates.wordpress.com)