Infinite’s Sung Kyu revealed on broadcast that he was popular during his school days.
June 2’s broadcast of KBS 2TV’s Hello featured a citizen named Kang Ji Woong who came on the show with his concern about a friend who has to split everything equally.
But it surprisingly turned out, that the citizen and the friend are high school friends of Infinite’s Sung Kyu, who guested on the show.

Sung Kyu started arguing with the friend who has to share things equally, each claiming that they were more popular in school. Kang Ji Woong explained that they were rivals since their school days, for having good looks.
Sung Kyu emphasized, “All three of us were popular but I was the most popular,” and his friend argued, “Sung Kyu was liked by the girls who played while I was popular among the studious ones or older girls,” causing a round of laughter.
But Kang Ji Woong ended up settling the matter by saying, “They were the same.”

Source: Official Mwave Entertaiment
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